HyTech Oil Pan Baffle

The most sophisticated oil pan baffles for the K and F series engines. With multiple swinging trap doors, anti- surge plates for braking and turning. These things help keep the oil near the pick-up.  Used in conjunction with the RSX Type S oil pump.  There have been no engine failures with this set up going on 12 years. There is no need to retrofit the S2000 pump into the K motors. The Type S pump when modified by HyTech has plenty of capacity to feed any NA or boosted motor.  And can handle rpm‘s up to 9,200. The pan baffle is easy to install and comes with instructions and hardware. We bolt the pan baffles in because welding them in is not a good idea. All pure breed race engines bolt them in for many reasons. Easy of cleaning , durability.  Welding  them in, they can break because of the composition of alloys in the oil pans.

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