Honda Overview

HyTech Exhaust Systems has been developing its street and racing headers for the Honda marque for over 30 years. With the help of some of the fastest drag racers liek, Jeremy Looofsky, Mark Brauning and Stephan Papadakis. We have been able to design and develop the very best exhaust systems that are available today. We work not only with our own dyno facility, but also actual track testing to maximize our exhaust systems. We rely on our 30 years experience in the road/drag racing field to help us design the latest exhaust systems for the Honda and Import market. The name of the game is acceleration, and the exhaust has a big impact in that area, especially on the Honda. These Honda cylinder heads have the potential to flow large volumes of air, unlike most other manufactures. This makes them highly desirable for performance minded enthusiasts. Which in turn lends itself to being heavily influenced by the exhaust system.

HyTech's designs are truly ground breaking with innovative ideas. We incorporate stepped primary pipes with anti-reversion chambers, plus our own special tri-y nozzle collectors. With the right combination of pipe length and diameter and the proper pairing of pipes in the collector, we have created a superior design that is equaled by no one.  HyTech has proven that it can produce the very best. We have now used this technology from our racing designs to develop new versions for the Honda and Import street market. All of our exhaust systems are hand crafted out of aircraft quality stainless steel, they are tig welding for maximum strength and appearance. Not only do they out perform all others, they are the most esthetically appealing to the eye. HyTech also stands behind its product. If you are not satisfied that the exhaust does not perform like we say it will, then we will offer you a full refund. No other header manufacturer will do that.

It is all about acceleration or "Transient Response" as we call it. Which is how fast a particular engine will transient from its lowest rpm to its highest. And the exhaust has a major effect on how that happens. When the exhaust is designed right it will greatly influence how quick a motor will accelerate.



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